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Encompass Electrical can help with any type of electrical installation or maintenance request for domestic and commercial clients.

Installing new underground or overhead mains, sub mains to sheds or factories, upgrading switchboards, installing additional power points, ceiling fans, lights, range hoods, ovens and so much more.

Whether it is single phase or three phase Encompass Technologies has the experience and expertise to provide an overall solution to meet all of your needs.

TV Aerials & Cabling

Are you having problems with your TV reception or require additional outlets to be installed around the house?

Encompass Electrical has a great deal of experience in this area and combined with our specialised analysers we can quickly find the problem and inform you of your options.

If it's just additional TV outlets you require then this is just part of our overall offering.

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Air Conditioning

Encompass Electrical offers the supply and installation of reverse cycle air conditioning systems to meet your needs.

We pride ourselves in delivering the best possible installation which includes calculating the optimal size of the reverse cycle unit to ensure your room/s are heated and cooled efficiently.

Remote / off site controls can be added which allows you to turn on your air conditioner before you arrive home.

Hot Water

Encompass Electrical repairs many hot water systems every year.

If we find that the unit is beyond repair then we can organise complete upgrades or replacements of your existing system depending on your requirements.

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Oven / Stove

Encompass Electrical can make repairs to any oven or hotplate. We make every effort to source spare parts where possible, but if they are no longer available we can offer replacement quotations.

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Fault Finding

Encompass Electrical has many years of experience in fault finding which equates to overall cost savings for our customers.

If your circuit breaker, RCD, motor, machine, appliance or any device is not operating as it should, then we can help find and repair the fault. 

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Electrical & Smoke Audits

Are you about to purchase a home or investment property?

If so, Encompass Electrical can provide a detailed report/audit of the property highlighting any potential issues that may exist.

We also conduct power usage audits if you are concerned about the amount of power you are consuming.