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Point to Point, P2P, Wireless, Ubiquiti, Connectivity, Electrician, Technology, Wangaratta

Point to Point Wireless

Are you needing to connect two or more buildings to your network or to obtain internet access in all locations. Encompass Technologies has the expertise and experience to deliver a reliable and cost effective solution to meet your needs. 

Wireless Access Points

Do you require a more reliable network / internet signal throughout your business or home? Encompass Technologies has installed many of these devices providing a much improved network for our customers.

WAP, Wireless Access Point, Connectivity, Repeater, Home Network, Network, Electrician, Technology, Wangaratta
Audio Visual, Home Theatre, TV, Sound Bar, Amplifier, Wall Mount, Electrician, Technology, Wangaratta

Audio Visual

Whether you require the supply and/or installation of a wall mounted TV, sound bar, projector or home theatre system we can help.

Are you requiring something more commercial for your boardroom, classroom or presentation area, Encompass Technologies has the experience to deliver a multi media solution to your specifications.  


Encompass Technologies can design and install CCTV systems for single or multiple sites complete with remote access via your laptop or mobile phone. 

CCTV, Camera, Security, Dahua, Electrician, Technology, Wangaratta
Home automation, connectivity, Environexus, BOne, Automation, Electrician, Technology, Wangaratta

Home Automation

Take control of your home by installing reliable home automation hardware that can be used to do almost anything you desire. Ask us for more information.

Data, data networks, cabling, switches, router, computer, Electrician, Technology, Wangaratta

Network Cabling

Encompass Technologies has a great deal of experience in data networking and can help with designing and installing a reliable data network for your home or business. 

Network, data, iPad, iPhone, Laptop, Cloud, Electrician, Technology, Wangaratta

Home Devices

Need help in setting up your home network, iPad, Tablet, Fitbit, Laptop, Xbox, Playstation, Amplifier or many other types of connected systems then Encompass Technologies can help.